0°20′7″ Norte 6°43′5″ Este

Artist / Artista

Ana Velez

Joana Gomes

Paulo Pascoal

Curated / Curadoria

In​ês Valle
Datas / Dates

29 Jul

– 23 Aug 2020

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Programa /Program 


Local / Venue

Espaço Espelho D'Água 

Belém, Portugal

Press Release (PT)

Extended until 23rd AUG


A exposição 0°20′7″Norte 6°43′5"Este  apresentada ineditamente um projeto colaborativo entre artistas que partilharam o mesmo pôr-do-sol numa ilha paradisíaca no meio do oceano Atlântico – Ana Velez, Joana Gomes e Paulo Pascoal. Com curadoria de Inês Valle, e apresentada no Espaço Espelho D'Água entre o dia 29 de Julho e 12 de Agosto de 2020, 0°20′7″Norte 6°43′5"Este entrelaça memórias, sentimentos e percepções de espaço e tempo.

... Trazemos a Lisboa um pouco da poesia que encontrámos nesta ilha de África. 0°20 7”NORTE 6°43 5”ESTE , é apresentada numedi cio-ilha frente ao nosso rio Tejo, com ventos quesingraram para o hemisfério sul através do mesmo oceano que banha o Lugar que homenageamos...


–––––The art exhibition 0°20′7″North 6°43′5"East features a collaborative art projects developed by artists who have shared the same sunset in an Atlantic island: Ana Velez, Joana Gomes and Paulo Pascoal. Curated by Inês Valle, and presented at Espaço Espelho D’Agua between July 26 and August 12 of 2020, 0°20′7″Norte 6°43′5"Este interweaves memories, feeling and perceptions of space and time. 

We brought to Lisbon some of the poetry we found on this African island.  0°20’7” North 6°43’5”East, is shown in an island-building in front of our river Tagus, with winds that blew into the southern hemisphere through the same ocean that bathes the Place that we honour today... 


0°20′7″Norte 6°43′5"Este is part of the VENTO SUL program,

supported by DGArtes & Espaço Espelho D'Água.


Ana Velez is Portuguese based artist, who uses drawing as a directional tool, enquiring about its multiple material possibilities, and uses art to address themes related with conceptual of identity, in order to investigate ideas of place, memory and body, in which the last one is taken as a container of memory and identity. Her work has been exhibited both in Portugal and internationally, which can be highlighted: Off-site, Portugal [2019], Past | Present | Future, Austria [2017], Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal, BIS 7.ª Bienal de São Tomé e Príncipe [2013], Biennale JCE / Jeune Création Européenne [2011/13], Drawing Room Madrid 2020, Spain [2020], JustLX, Portugal [2019], Hybrid Art Fair, Spain [2018], and Art Copenhagen Art Fair, Denmark [2014].​Her work is part of several private and public art collections.


Paulo Pascoal is Angolan actor and performer artist based in Portugal, who spends his professional career between the radio, television, theatre, social media and the Art Spaces. He has a degree in Scenic Arts by the Juilliard School and a Master Degree in Cultural African Studies by the University McGill of Montreal. From his vast work we can highlight:   ‘Avenida Marginal’ (RDP África), Voo Direto”, “Depois do Adeus”, “Coração d’Ouro”, “Windeck”, “Casa do Cais”, “Teatro Praga”Acreção (Profundo Delay), Inverted Landscapes, “A Raiva e o Rio”, “Slits”, “Vermelho Monet”, “Arriaga” and, several collaborations with visual artists including “Corpo Fechado”, “Conatus”, “Nós X Inimigx” with Carlos Motta; South Circular, “A Casa Portuguesa” with Monica de Miranda; Gineceu X Androceu with João Telmo, among many other exhibition in art galleries and museums.


Joana Gomes is Portuguese based artist, who works about the paradigm of painting to investigate its conceptual, formal and material values. She wants the viewer to explore and absorb the strength of the artwork by its multi-lingual iconographic elements. Coming not only from a classic background of fine arts but also deeply stimulated by the world of cinema, she merges these schools, in the thought-process as way to stimulate a series of communication systems with the viewer. Her work has been exhibited both in Portugal and internationally, which it can be highlighted: Mostra’20, Lisbon [2020]; Double Poetics, Galeria Belo-Galsterer [2019], OFF-SITE, Underdogs Gallery [2019], Mano-a-Mano, Gallery Águas-Livres 8 [2019], D’artasas, Fundação EDP, Museu da Electricidade [2014], Bendito entre as mulheres,  Pavilhão 31 [2017], Goldener Kentaur, Casa de Artistas de Munique, [2010]. Her work is part of several public and private art collections


Inês Valle is the founder of the CERA PROJECT, a curator and art writer who has been travelling across many countries researching cultures and art practices that fall outside Western contexts. Inês has a particular interest in indigenous arts and sustainable art practices. She has been collaborating with several organisations across the globe, including Canberra Contemporary Art (AU), Centro Cultural Belém (PT), National Museum of Lagos (NIG), and Contemporary Art Museum – Colecção Museu Berardo (PT). 


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