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New Collaborative live performance event between  + Talk 

30th June - 6.30-9.30pm

Harriet Gore, Daniel De Lemos, Naira,

William Gore

Curated by Inês Valle

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Credits:The Cera Project, 2016 


curated by Inês Valle in collaboration with the writer Harriet Gore and inspired by her philosophic book MANY LOVERS BOOK 4267, taking the audience into a journey which draws every participant into the questions:




               WHAT DO YOU CONTAIN?




Many LOVERS is a philosophy book in which its author highlights ‘lack of LOVE’ as the cankerworm eating through the fabrics of societies, destroying minds and people, and causing reparable and irreparable conflicts. It is an encyclopaedia of over 40 volumes which explains the philosophy and concept known as ‘Touch LOVE’ or ‘Touch’ or Touch LOVE Worldwide’. Touch LOVE philosophy advocates the installation of several and diverse ‘LOVE STOPS’ in communities as a solution and a way of tackling that disability known as lack of LOVE.

A LOVE stop is a space where individuals stop to refill their LOVE tanks with LOVE energy. Just as buses stop at bus stops, individuals can stop at LOVE stops. Many LOVERS simply adds, in its writer’s unique way, another voice to existing voices, which recognise LOVE as the only solution, which heals, lifts, beautifies and nourishes both its giver and its receiver at the same time.


Harriet Gore

A philosopher who lives in London where she has been working as a barrister in independent practice since 1997 in areas involving the application of Human Rights law including immigration and homelessness as well as other areas such as mental health and family law. Harriet is a product of the LOVE in all things including the diverse multi-cultural encounters and experiences which have shaped her and moulded her into what she has now become. An indigene of everywhere with strong roots in beautiful Uga, Aguata LGA, she was born in the culture-rich region of Nteje, Anambra state, went to secondary school in the culture-rich town of Nkwerre in Imo State, was a street dancer in the culture-rich city of Enugu, the once capital of East Central State of Nigeria where she was involved before the age of 10 as a performer in the children’s radio programme ‘children’s half-hour’ and television programme ‘tortoise club’. She went on to study Theatre Arts at the University of Benin, in the culture-rich city of Benin City before serving in NNPC Kaduna refinery during which time she had the rare privilege of encountering northern male traditional musicians who welcomed her to sit with them in an open path to play music with them using the stone she found and used as percussive accompaniment.

Whilst in Nigeria, she benefitted from the generosity of the British Council visitorship scheme, and during her law studies in the UK she became a beneficiary of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple’s exhibition award. She was identified for a Foreign and Commonwealth Office scholarship award for a Post-graduate Master’s programme in Dance therapy to prepare her for a position as a dance lecturer at the University of Benin, Nigeria.


Harriet is passionate about LOVE, and JUSTICE FOR ALL. It is this passion which informs the development of the ‘TOUCH’ concept. She is currently exploring registering a political party – Touch LOVE party- in the UK. Harriet’s understanding is that what happens in one part of the world affects all of humanity. She therefore advocates that local, national and international communities coordinate resources towards tackling the root of war, other conflicts, crime, corruption, economic migration and destructive greed and selfishness. She seeks to inspire people, government and institutions to put LOVE at the centre of all acts so as to have the RULE OF LOVE. ‘LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS, LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS’ has become synonymous with the name Harriet Gore as it is Harriet’s way of signing in or out.

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