New Live Performance + Talk

31st July - 8pm

Bumi Thomas

Curated by Inês Valle

Beyween Worlds© Inês Valle.


Duration: 10 Minutes

Format: Voice & Percussion

The performance will feature three songs inspired by the tension between the seen and unseen. They will reflect the tension of transition, a struggle to reclaim the forgotten, the release that transpires at the moment of reinvention and how that impacts the sense of being complete. 

Historically the Udu originates from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, West Africa and is a vessel used to fetch water, typically by women. This object evolved into an instrument also predominantly played by women for ceremonial purposes.


Duration: 10 Minutes

Format: Voice & Percussion

The implosive sound of the Udu in many ways mirrors the subversive role imposed on the feminine by society.

In the context of Bumi Thomas' performance, the Udu will be used as a symbol of dispersal. A vessel through which cultural resonance is preserved or reinvented. For her this is a journey of musical and historical discovery that embraces the evolution of the sound of Igbo women and how it reacts when it collides with external cultures. In this case the transatlantic echoes of shared yet distant realities.

"My musical journey is essentially about transcending boundaries and is an exploration of the relationship between art, experience and emotion. My work also encapsulates my evolution as a woman."   

- Bumi Thomas


Bumi Thomas is a London based visual artist whose artistic philosophy is essentially about transcending cultural boundaries and inverting realities with abstract constructs using photography and music as her mediums of exploration. ‘The human voice is a raging canvas through which words and melodies as mimic patterns of realities. l tell stories about movement, displacement, joy and humanity.’

Born is Glasgow to Nigerian parents, and imbued with a deep curiosity about contructs of fixed identity, she creates thought provoking paradigm shifting pieces that question the function of post-colonial perspectives. Thomas believes in the importance of creating physical/ ideological spaces that encourage women to engage in dialogue about gender issues, take authorship for how they are perceived historically, and reclaim their identity through ART, self-exploration/representation and positive contributions to society.

Power is domination, control, and therefore a very selective form of truth which is a lie.

— Wole Soyinka


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