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Curating your space with Art

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For us at CERA PROJECT, contemporary art added to the corporate office space is crucial, as it triggers bright ideas, challenges conventional thinking and opens the door to innovation, conversations and interactions.


CERA PROJECT also made its mission to curate an interactive art collection reflecting the business philosophy, purpose, concept and culture.


A permanent Art Collection offers many benefits for the company, its employees and clients.



It is time to think differently when developing a new hospitality project!


Expectations are on the rise, and it is crucial to distinguish the hotel from others, through a unique and intriguing experience, guest will not forget easily.


Through CERA PROJECT we support hospitality developers and their design team to curate, source and acquire the proposed art concept which reflects the individual values, philosophy and design of the particular hotel.

Together, with our global experts, we tell stories through an intriguing art collection, entailing contemporary art from career artists seen at international art fairs such as Art Basel, Frieze London, 1:54 African Art Fair and Venice Biennial.


Each concept connects hotel guests right from the start of their stay by triggering new conversations and encourages them to share the “Instagram-moments” with their friends and families, to attract further attention and awareness of the hotel and its unique USP (the permanent art collection). Additionally, we support the team with a bespoke branding and marketing strategy through our partners as well as offering a dedicated art training for the hotel staff and concierge.



Due to the increasing trend of implementing contemporary art within the interior design concept,


CERA PROJECT offers a complimentary art concierge service for interior designers and aspiring collectors.

Our global art concierge is supported by our selected art experts and our curated in-house art inventory as well as global partnerships with leading art galleries, auction houses and art museums. Therefore, we are able to source and access art globally, efficiently and offer white glove door to door service.

If you are currently looking for contemporary statement pieces or require a global growing art resource to access and source art from with an expert supporting you along the way – please reach out to us. We made it our mission to ensure a smooth art acquisition process for all our clients and enable clients to access contemporary art with ease and a personal guided service.

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