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– A series of conversations


THE PROGRAMME                      THE SPEAKERS                      PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS  

... in its widest sense, culture may now be said to be the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterise a society or social group. It includes not only the arts and letters, but also modes of life, the fundamental rights of the human being, value systems, traditions and beliefs; that it is culture that gives man the ability to reflect upon himself. It is culture that makes us specifically human, rational beings, endowed with a critical judgement and a sense of moral commitment. It is through culture that we discern values and make choices. It is through culture that man expresses himself, becomes aware of himself, recognises his incompleteness, questions his own achievements, seeks untiringly for new meanings and creates works through which he transcends his limitations. – UNESCO (1982)


WEDNESDAY, 17 August

Live Stream / Online Talk

4pm (UTC/GMT)  

4pm GHANA, Accra
— moderator AfroDistrict
Top Floor - Osu Farico Mall, Accra, Ghana
4pm NIGERIA, Lagos
— moderators James Uche-Iroha and Minna Salami


45 Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos100211, Nigeria

— moderator Victoire Batumike
12  av. du Golfe, Q. Le volcan, Goma, RDC
5pm RWANDA, Kigali
— moderator Jacques Nkinzingabo

5pm ZIMBABWE, Harare
— moderator Valerie Kabov
31 Lyric Heights, 149 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare
6pm ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires
— moderator Felipe García and Lina Angel
1am NEW ZEALAND, Morrinsville
— moderator Justin Morgan
167 Thames Street, Morrinsville, 3300, NZ

Other places / times:

10am - Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico

10am - Guna Yala region, Panama

11am - Santiago de Chile, Chile

12pm - Sao Paulo, Brazil

4 pm - Lisbon, Portugal

4 pm - London, United Kingdom

4 pm - Rabat, Morocco

10pm - Bangkok, Thailand

11pm - Manila, Philippines

1am, 18 Aug - Melbourne, Australia

The Studio idea was birthed to serve as a creative space that encourages the critique and exhibitions of bodies of work of fellow artists and curators. Website  | (@afrodistrictpa) |

The organisation is fluid in its structure, in a way that helps it to penetrate the fabric of the grass root level of society where we believe that both action and charity should begin. PhotoGarageLagos has been part of major international Photography projects that further resulted in successful publications and other happenings that has played a huge role in the ongoing revolution in the entire Nigerian photography industry. PGL’s strong point is sincere dedication to the grass root human capacity building and also not compromising world-class quality in materials produced from numerous exchanges. Facebook 


Creative Centre for multimedia production and Contemporary Art of Kivu in Democratic Rrepublic of Congo. Website

Kwanda Art Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary art in Rwanda with The mission to build, establish educate, improve and promote the Art Industry and Art Community in Rwanda in national and international context. Website

First Floor Gallery Harare is Zimbabwe’s first international, independent, emerging contemporary artist led gallery. The gallery was launched in December 2009 with the goal of giving young artists in Harare an opportunity to experiment, build skills and build bridges between Zimbabwe and the international art community. In addition to its exhibition roster, the gallery maintains an educational programme, with master-classes, artist residencies, film screenings, panel discussions and a range of audience engagement initiatives designed to support the emerging art community and develop audience for contemporary art in Harare. Website  

R.A.R.O is a new kind of Artist-In-Residence Program that allows artists from Argentina and abroad to work and develop their projects in different Ateliers around the city of Buenos Aires. The itinerant nature of the R.A.R.O residencies, is designed for the resident, to work in his or her project in different ateliers with different artists, achieving greater feedback and sharing wider experiences in a very diverse environment. R.A.R.O residencies are for emerging, mid-career and established artists of all disciplines, interested in a new concept of Artist-In-Residence Program.Website


The Wallace Gallery Morrinsville is borne out of passion and community vision: a contemporary gallery with four unique spaces that showcases New Zealand art and artists, alongside artworks from the most comprehensive collection of contemporary New Zealand art the James Wallace Arts Trust. Website  

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